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How To Connect The Game Controllers To A PC/Laptop?

Console controllers don’t always function immediately after being plugged into a Windows or Mac computer. You may discover how to set up your preferred controller to operate with your computer by consulting the list of guides we’ve provided.

Most controllers made for PC use, such as USB Logitech controllers, are HID-compliant and use the XInput or DirectInput protocol, which is what most games support. Some may function right out of the box, while others could need a particular driver. If your console controller doesn’t plug into USB, you might need a hardware adapter because Bluetooth support can be spotty.

Most HID controllers will function on Linux as well. However, this article focuses on Windows and macOS.

How to Connect Controller to PC / Laptop

PlayStation 4(DualShock 4)

Sony PS4 controllers are supported by Windows without additional software when connected through USB. You’ll need a hardware adapter if you want to use the controller wirelessly

Macs likewise support Sony’s most recent controllers, even when connected wirelessly. Sadly, these controllers appear as generic input devices, which might not function properly in all games.

PlayStation 3(DualShock 3)

PS3 controllers require a unique driver for Windows. Although the setup is a little challenging, we have the instructions.

Macs support these controllers without any additional software. Pair it with a Bluetooth device or plug in a USB cord to connect wirelessly.

Xbox One

This is Microsoft’s premier controller, so Xbox One Windows is supported entirely out of the box. Plug it in and start using it, or use Bluetooth. If you’re running Windows 10, you may even upgrade the controller’s firmware from your computer.

Macs naturally accept wireless Xbox One controllers, but if you want to connect your controller through USB, you’ll need additional software. You require the 360 Controller driver specifically, which increases support for wired USB Xbox One controllers.

Xbox 360

Windows, by default, supports wired 360 controllers, but a special USB adaptor is required for wireless controllers.

Mac requires a unique driver. Wireless functionality causes kernel panics and is disabled in this driver due to issues with kernel extensions (kexts).


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