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5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Social Media in 2023

Best Google Chrome Extension for Social Media in 2023

Every time you sign in to multiple tabs to use your tools, do you sigh? Then you might want to switch to Chrome extensions to accomplish more tasks faster.

Chrome extensions come in handy when you need certain tool functionality nearly immediately. These extensions, accessible for free, increase productivity for social media marketers, streamline tasks, and produce better outcomes without opening a gazillion tabs.

To further increase your productivity as a social media specialist, you must stay informed about the most recent extensions and add-ons available. The most excellent Chrome extensions for your regular marketing tasks are listed below.


With the help of this plugin, you may quickly save items to your Pinterest boards without leaving what you’re doing. This application has the neat feature of displaying many pinnable items from each website so that you can save more than one thing to your board. You would often need to click into each one to pin each blog item or image to your boards.


BuzzSumo offers information on the effectiveness of content. Click the plugin to display stats like a piece’s amount of social shares and backlinks while you’re on a website. This tool makes it simple to determine how much interaction your content receives. Additionally, BuzzSumo may be used to analyze your competitors’ practices and find ways to increase the shareability of your content.


With the help of this extension, marketers can quickly and easily shorten URLs and post them directly from their browsers on social media. An Enterprise plan is personalized and very helpful for social media marketers.

Chrome extension for Social Media Marketing in 2023

App for Instagram

Want to monitor Instagram alerts without having to check your phone constantly? This extension lets users view the activity on their Instagram posts straight in their browser. You can access your Instagram feed directly in the browser and view other Instagram users’ posts in much more detail than you would need to do so on your phone.

HubSpot Social

Do you currently use HubSpot as a service? You may post directly from your browser to your social media profiles with HubSpot Social. Additionally, you can now share a quote from an external source to your social media feed and schedule postings in advance. There is no need to open a new tab to access your HubSpot portal. Now from the page you are currently on.


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