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5 Best SEO Extensions For Google Chrome Browser


Chrome has been go-to browser for the past few years. This is a fantastic alternative to Firefox because it’s a lightweight, quick browser (or for people who want a great browsing experience).

This collection of Chrome SEO add-ons may be helpful if you also enjoy using Chrome. You may use them to install the extension and evaluate the SEO worth of any URL or website. This is quite useful, especially if you want to verify your website’s ranking or the ranking of another website.

The Top 5 SEO Chrome extensions are listed below.


NoFollow crawls websites rapidly and recognizes links that have the no-follow metatag. Because no-follow links aren’t scanned by search engines and don’t increase search engine authority, SEOs may use this plugin to check if other websites are creating followed, or indexed, backlinks to their website.

Furthermore, you could employ no-follow links to websites you don’t want to be crawled, such as landing pages or thank you pages, and this plugin can verify that your links have been appropriately written in those cases. Red highlights indicate no-follow links in the sample screenshot below.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

An excellent SEO tool for newcomers and seasoned pros is Ahrefs SEO Toolbar. You may gain SEO insights for each website and term while conducting a Google search thanks to the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar, a Google Chrome plugin that resides on the search engine results page (SERP).

Find hundreds of the top keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns. Find the finest backlink possibilities by eavesdropping on your competitors’ Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.


The Chrome toolbar from Impactana provides a variety of SEO, social media, and content marketing data on any website. Its two most important metrics are “Impact,” which gauges SEO factors including click-through rate, backlinks, and time on page, and “Buzz,” which measures a website’s social media reach. For PR experts, it also provides information like the author’s and publisher’s contact information.


Free SEO Chrome Extensions


The excellent tool SEO META in 1 CLICK allows you to view a website’s metadata with only one click! The meta description of a website may be viewed without having to right-click, select “View Page Source,” and scroll through lines and lines of code. This may be used as a tool for competitive research to find out what keywords your top rivals use in their meta descriptions.

You may also use it to confirm that your website is optimised. It even provides shortcuts to examine the page’s keyword density and verify whether your website is mobile-friendly.

SEO Minion

By providing you with access to your competition’s website metrics and data, SEO Minion enables you to do thorough competitor research. Additionally, you can use these helpful tools to inspect your websites and articles to ensure they are in top condition: you can highlight all links, check for broken links, and see how the page will appear in the SERPs.


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