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Guide 101:How To Control Your PC From A Mobile Phone


There are several benefits to having a computer remote control. Perhaps you use a “headless” system without a monitor and need a way to access your files outside your house. Or maybe you want a simple way to handle a home theater PC without taking up space on your coffee table with a mouse and keyboard.

Here are the top Android, iOS, and Windows Phone options.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

How To Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop to WFH

This is your best option for remote control of your PC if you frequently use Google’s Chrome browser on your desktop. You may easily use this Chrome extension from the equivalent official app for Android or iPhone after installing it on your computer (Windows or OS X).

Despite having “Chrome” in the name, the app allows you to view any program on your computer as if you were physically in front of it, including administrator tools and file browsers. Even on mobile networks, connecting to your PCs is simple, thanks to the Google interface. You can access it from other laptops or desktop operating systems by installing the extension on your desktop Chrome browser.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft’s first-party remote desktop option will be recognisable to those who have used Windows for a while. It is accessible on Android, iOS, and other platforms but will only connect to Windows computers (and even then, only “Professional” versions of Windows or better). Additionally, the programme allows you to connect securely to a Windows Virtual Desktop, which may be helpful for business travelers.

It would help if you prepared your PC before leaving it behind for this app. To ensure that everything is ready, according to Microsoft’s brief guide for enabling Remote Desktop on Windows 10.

Virtual Network Client (various)

Before popular smartphones, developers and power users preferred the VNC protocol for remote access. Since the original design is open source, numerous clients—some paid, others free—are available for PCs and cell phones. Finding solutions that may be used in several circumstances while being flexible is the key.

We suggest two apps. The best choice for Mac users is RealVNC’s VNC Viewer. Depending on your desire, you can use it on a single home computer or several machines in an office setting. The technology also automatically uses a password to encrypt data communications for security.

Unified Remote

Similar to Remote Mouse, but with additional integrated features, such as wake on LAN support, voice commands, infrared and NFC tools for compatible phones, and controls for various music streaming services, including iTunes, Spotify, and VLC. It’s important to note that this programme is not yet compatible with Chromebooks or Chrome OS. However, it can support Raspberry Pi and associated options and works well with Linux.

But the price is a little more complicated. The iOS version is free. However, in-app purchases provide extra functionality for features like media support and file management. The full, unlocked app is available in the Google/Android version, but it costs $5.


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