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3 Easy Ways To Connect A Microphone To Your Computer/ Laptop

how to connect a microphone to a computer 

Want to record some audio on your PC, but the built-in microphone isn’t up to par? Are you surprised that your laptop or computer even lacks a microphone?

You’ll have to connect one in such an instance. You might have one on hand. However, it doesn’t appear that the jack will fit the port. So how exactly do you link it now? You can currently connect your microphone to your computer/ laptop using the following techniques.

How to use external microphone on laptop windows 10 (DELL XPS)

Use the Headphone/Mic Port

Most likely, you have a hands-free headset or at least a microphone with a 1/8-inch socket; it might have been packaged with your phone, for instance.

The likelihood that your computer has a microphone port or a combo socket for a headset with an integrated microphone is also very high. You may need an appropriate adaptor to connect your headset if your computer only has a 1/4-inch port.

The port is typically located near the back of a desktop computer. Thankfully, many contemporary devices also offer a front-facing port, typically located alongside a USB port and maybe an SD card reader.

Connect in your headset, then review the outcomes. You can experiment with it in an online game or make a webcam video. Even better, establish a call on Skype or Zoom or use an audio editor like Audacity to test the sound. Just make sure the microphone is chosen before pressing the record button!

More ways!

Using an XLR Mic With an Adapter

Don’t want to spend money on a USB mixer but have a high-quality XLR that you want to connect to your computer? Connecting the XLR microphone to a TRS adaptor, which you can buy on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., is more economical. These are available in various sizes and forms, including simple XLR to phono adapters and Y-adapter splitters.

The XLR mic only needs to be connected to the adapter after being connected to the computer’s mic port. (Take note that if you don’t have a phantom power source connected, an XLR device will appear to be very quiet.)

Using Your Mobile Device as a PC Microphone

Amazingly, you can even utilize your mobile device as a computer microphone. Your smartphone has a microphone integrated into it, as you are aware. This is how your callers will be able to hear you!

You can spend less on a computer microphone by utilizing this one. It’s an excellent solution for quickly setting up a microphone and works with USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.


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