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5 Best Video Editing Apps For YouTube

5 Best Video Editing Apps For YouTube

Video marketing is being explored due to advancements in internet speed technology and public interest.

And if you’re seeking the best video editing software for YouTube beginners because you want to create your videos to share with others, I believe you’ve come to the correct place.

This article offers a list of the 5 best video editing programmes for YouTube novices. Additionally, we have assembled applications with fantastic features and straightforward user interfaces in this collection. Therefore, you don’t need to acquire any courses or be tech-savvy to get started.

1. Shortcut

It is a fantastic piece of free video editing software that runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows. The shortcut works similarly to its pricey analogues: you drag and drop video and audio clips onto the timeline, then add effects and subtitles. The outcome can then be converted into a video file.

After several years of development, they initially created versions of this programme for Linux users before deciding to make it for Mac and PC users. The Shortcut user interface is peculiar because of this. They provide many user-friendly features, such as the ability to drag files into your project to import them.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

It is a well-known video editor that makes editing videos, changing colours, and handling audio simple. Any multimedia content can be processed on desktop computers and mobile devices using a unique set of video editing features.

You can use this software with Windows, macOS, and iOS. Premiere Pro subscriptions are available separately or as part of the Adobe bundle. They provide 360 VR and 4K capabilities, making them a capable tool for editing any film. It is the tool on this list that is most comprehensive for both experts and beginners.

3. iMovie by Apple

iMovie is the ideal option for you if elegance and simplicity are what you’re after. One of the most widely used editors for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS. It has ten Apple-created video filters, eight themes with music, transitions, and titles, and various effects like image-in-image, slow motion, split-screen, and fast-forward.

The programme also includes tools for making soundtracks. The “green screen” in iMovie is one of its most excellent features. With that, you can put your subject in any exotic setting, like Bali or Greenland.

How to Use iMovie - Beginner's Guide

4. Lightworks

Free video editing software is available in the form of Lightworks. The software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is the ideal platform for camera operators, editors, sound engineers, and bloggers. Create home video archives using it, utilise it for personal or commercial purposes, and use it to populate social media.

For low-cost or free projects, Lightworks is an excellent choice. You can import and render your video in the background to make editing windows move around and your working process more efficient. You can even create your keyboard shortcuts.

5. Pinnacle Studio

Another excellent option for amateurs learning to edit YouTube videos is Pinnacle Studio from Corel. Although not as powerful as other options on this list, this dependable professional video editing software is still a solid choice for beginners because of its well-organised and approachable user interface.

According to our tests, after using it for a while, you can proceed to the more sophisticated capabilities at the higher price tier, such as keyframing controls, dynamic video masking, and 360 VR editing. Additionally, the most recent version (Pinnacle Studio 25) increased performance overall and incorporated intelligent object tracking, additional blend settings, and improved video masking.

A polished, seamless, stunning video will only enhance your brand. It will take time to study, practise, and use an excellent video editing application to produce a high-quality video. Enjoy the list of the Top YouTube Editing Tools above.


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