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5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Blogging

5 Best Google Chrome Extension For Blogging

Bloggers can relate to the frustration of utilising many programmes and services at each content creation stage. This technique could be very demanding. However, we have a unique and expedient answer!

The 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers will be examined in this article. The tools a blogger would require are covered in our list, including extensions for SEO, editing, designing, security, and more.

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary Chrome Extension

When conducting internet research, have you ever encountered a word you are unfamiliar with? Quickly highlight the term and click on the Google Dictionary extension to acquire the definition rather than opening a new tab to search for it.


Do your blog posts and articles include citations? Citations can be made directly in the browser using the MyBib Chrome addon. Go to the webpage, Tweet, article, or video you want to cite, decide on the format, copy it, and paste it. Alternately, save it to a “Project” if you’re gathering information from several sources. After that, you can download all of your works cited in the format of your choice.


A Chrome accessibility extension, Helperbird can make writing easier for people with dyslexia, blindness, and other limitations. You can modify the font and font sizes on the website, utilise a magnifier, and convert text to speech. For more straightforward reading and scanning, you can also convert pages and articles into a plain-text “Reader Mode.”


Wordtune is a Chrome extension driven by AI that offers several options in addition to what is currently on the page. The line or phrase you want to rework can be highlighted in any text editor, including Google Docs, Outlook, or another one, and Wordtune will provide numerous alternatives. The only decision left to make is which one you prefer.


LanguageTool is a helpful Chrome plugin for proofreading written content on websites and editing your writing as you go. It functions on all websites with active text boxes, including Google Docs. You should add this tool to your toolbox to write for various markets and geographical areas because it also supports multiple languages.


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