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5 Best Security Google Chrome Extensions For 2023


Even though most best security chrome extensions assert to shield your internet privacy, not all suit your requirements.

Security technologies are designed for users, gamers, writers, and site designers. As a result, the tools’ levels of operational complexity also vary.

Additionally, some tools cause more harm than good. They may slow down your PC so that you have trouble navigating the applications.

This article will examine the top security Chrome extensions that match your requirements and are packed with features to keep you safe.


It can be time-consuming to delete your browser history if you frequently search for and download work-related materials during the workday. Simply put, it takes too much time to repeatedly open your history page and manually erase your cache or download log.

You can delete your cache, URL history, website cookies, and download history with just one click of a button on your browser toolbar thanks to the Click&Clean extension for Chrome. The add-on may also scan your computer for malware and remove unnecessary programmes from your hard drive, making it perform faster.


Checkbox blends technical SEO with advanced security to help you assess a website’s safety and search engine optimisation. This Chrome extension is a helpful one-two punch for content authors and web developers because search engines like Google consider website security in addition to content quality in their results.

More than 250 URLs per domain can be checked by Checkbox for free for page speed, SEO, and overall security. Improvements in these three areas can shield yourself and your website’s users from harmful content.


Thanks to this security add-on for emails, you may send and receive encrypted emails (and attachments) to and from your coworkers. One of the most significant ways to guarantee that your emails remain private and secure while being sent to the receiver is to use this method.

The standard for encryption in most email clients, PGP, stands for “Pretty Good Privacy” and is used by FlowCrypt. Thanks to the tool’s seamless integration with Gmail, your inbox now has a “Secure Compose” option.

How to use PGP encryption?

5 Best Security Google Chrome Extensions For 2023

J2TEAM Security

A typical firewall is not J2TEAM Security. This Chrome add-on provides initial virus prevention. Furthermore, it ensures that your Chrome browser applies the “HTTPS” security tag on blogging sites, enabling you to personalize your website block list and prohibiting you from reading user blogs judged riskily.

Additionally, the plugin provides several privacy options exclusive to Facebook, such as obscuring your activity history in Facebook Messenger and blocking the “seen” tag after reading specified private messages.

HTTPS Everywhere

A website protocol called “HTTPS” ensures a site is secure before viewing it. Even though you may be able to recognize this tag at the top of most websites, it is not entirely familiar on the internet and does not ensure that the website you are visiting is entirely secure.

To ensure that your browser displays the secure version of any website you visit in Chrome, HTTPS Everywhere is a Chrome extension that rewrites the request you send to that website. Browse with confidence, knowing that your personal information is kept secure and that no malware will infect your machine while you’re online.


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