Marvellous Meghalaya: Best Places To Visit In Meghalaya Part 2

 Meghalaya is a one-holiday spot that is great for everyone who needs to be near nature. There are many great spots in Meghalaya and absolutely staggering waterfalls. You should positively design an excursion to Meghalaya for an encounter that could only be described as epic. If you desire to relate to nature, this is your ideal choice. It is likewise the perfect put to make a beeline for a heartfelt excursion or a vacation if both love nature, untamed life, and experience. Here we are with part 2 of Marvelous Meghalaya.  

Check Part 1 if not yet

Nokrek National Park, Tura

Best National Park in Meghalaya

A piece of the captivating green West Garo Hills, Nokrek National Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. With an area of 47.48 sq. km., the rambling park is near Tura Peak and is home to red pandas, Asian elephants, marbled felines, tigers, macaques and a few types of birds. The vegetation here is different and staggering. You will find fantastic and outlandish orchids sprouting too. There are a few paths inside the park that are great for climbing or journeying if you are looking for experience. You can likewise loosen up close to one of the waterfalls, click photographs and take in the outside air.

The best opportunity to visit: October to May

Optimal time: 2 - 3 hours

Don Bosco Museum

Numerous tourists are a lot of keen on knowing the social and cultural history of the state. Don Bosco Museum, situated in Shillong, is a 7-put away historical focus having 17 exhibitions on shows that take you through the lifestyle of Northeast India.

Best Museum in Meghalaya

Plus, these exhibitions show a comprehensive plan of articulations, collectables, clothing types, weapons, and meticulous work that displays the lifestyle and culture of various clans and people of Meghalaya. Don Bosco Museum is moreover acclaimed as genuinely outstanding in Asia.

Strength: An ideal portrayal of the social history of the state.

Area: East Khasi Hills, Shillong, Meghalaya

Passage Fee: Indians: Rs 100 and Foreigners: Rs 200

Nohkalikai Waterfalls

Best Waterfall spot in Meghalaya

The fourth most significant waterfall on earth, Nohkalikai, falls someplace scope 335 meters from a verdant precipice to the ground, portraying immense and phenomenal brilliance. The pride of the region of Meghalaya, the falls are possibly the most significant and sensational fall in the country.

Dealt between the evergreen rainforest of Khasi Hill and spilling with all its greatness and may, the falls jump into an essential lagoon that is as blue as the night sky. This fall is one of the ideal spots to visit in Meghalaya.

Claim to fame: A heaven-like destination with great natural perspectives.

Section Fee: Rs.10

Timing: 8 Am to 5 Pm


Most magnificent spots to visit in Meghalaya

One of the most magnificent spots to visit in Meghalaya, Williamnagar, is abundant in varied vegetation. The town is filled with grand mountains and rivers. It is named after the prominent Chief Minister of Meghalaya. The lovely village is situated by the side of the Samsung River. If you wish to investigate the countryside, go on an outing to this spot without a doubt.

Speciality: Adorned with giant vegetation and eminent mountainscapes.

Attractions: Dome Falls, Tasek Lake, Napak Lake, Naka-Chikong

Spots to stay: Hotel Polo Orchid, Hotel Royal Park, Hotel Rickman Continental

Area: South Garo Hills

The best chance to visit: October-February


Dawki needs no big words. It is one of the most prominent tourist spots in Meghalaya. Known for its reasonable river, Dawki is perhaps the most searched place on the planet. If you are visiting Meghalaya at any

Most prominent tourist spots in Meghalaya

point shortly, you ought to put Dawki on your schedule. Since it is sandwiched between India and Bangladesh, it is likewise a significant exchange centre.

Attractions: Gorgeous river with clear waters.

Area: West Jaintia Hills locale, Meghalaya

The best chance to visit: November

Meghalaya is one of the most gorgeous spots to visit in Northeast India, and no voyager has ever lamented an excursion to this superb state. You will likewise have a great time if you have arranged an outing to Meghalaya. This is all from our side in Marvellous Meghalaya, we will be right back with a new state and more amazing places to visit. Stay tuned.

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