Marvellous Meghalaya: Best Places To Visit In Meghalaya


 A hilly state, Meghalaya, situated in north-eastern India, is one of the seven North-eastern states of India. Meghalaya, signifying 'the abode of clouds in Sanskrit, is consistent with its name. It is well known for its thick woods, high precipitation, and different bio-variety, making it the ideal getaway destination in Meghalaya. Meghalaya is bound to Assam in the northeast and Bangladesh in the south. The tribals Khasis, Garos, and Jaintias contribute a significant populace.

Elephant Falls, Shillong

Initially named after a stone that looked like an elephant, this incredible waterfall was made of three falls during the British time. While the main fall is wide and hidden by trees, the subsequent one is feeble. Notwithstanding, the third one gets the attention with smooth white water cheerfully flowing over rocks shrouded in greenery. With thick vegetation on one or the other side, Elephant Falls can be reached by cautiously sliding along dangerous and steep steps. Fortunately, you will track down seats at the first and second levels of the cascade, where you can loosen up, click pictures and absorb nature's unrivalled excellence.

Best opportunity to visit: January to April

The most effective method to reach:

Via Air: You can employ a taxi after travelling to Guwahati Airport (127 km from the falls).

Via Train: Guwahati Railway Station (103 km from the falls) is the closest train station. In the wake of arriving at it, take a taxi.

By Road: From Guwahati, you can board a transport to arrive at Shillong (the closest transport stand to the falls is 11 km). 


Recall those youth days when you used to get wet in the downpour, sprinkle in puddles, and run home for hot bites? A visit to Mawsynram will assist you with remembering that wizardry. Known as the wettest spot on the planet, it gets the most significant precipitation in our country. The normal is, truth be told, around 467.4 inches! The town is a staggering green caper from the city clamour, with streams, caverns and succumbs to the enthusiastic pilgrim. The Mawjymbuin Cave is an extraordinary fascination, inferable from a couple of udder-moulded sharp rocks suspended over a major stalagmite.

Best opportunity to visit: September to May

The most effective method to reach:

Via Air: Guwahati Airport (175 km from the town) is the closest air terminal. When you arrive at it, you can employ a taxi.

Via Train: After arriving at Guwahati Railway Station (151 km from the town), employ a taxi.

By Road: Buses consistently utilise Guwahati (154 km from the town) or Shillong (60 km from the city) to Mawsynram, or you can also drive.

Lady Hydari Park

Sometimes, you really want a tranquil spot to gather your thoughts and unwind. Woman Hydari Park, with its Japanese-style garden and a sprinkling of lakes, is one such spot. You can invest energy in watching the lake's energetic fishes and charming ducks. Imaginatively hanging willow trees, manicured supports, slick walkways and clusters of orchids and rhododendrons attract photography fans to this rambling park. There is a play region for little ones and a little zoo. Named after the spouse of Muhammed Saleh Akbar Hydari, the last Assam lead representative designated by the British, this park houses a historical centre where you can find out about Meghalaya's intriguing biodiversity.

Best opportunity to visit: October to March

Nartiang Monoliths

On the off chance that surprising or strange spots stimulate your explorer's brain, the nursery of stone monuments in Nartiang, Jaintia locale, is one of the great spots to visit in Meghalaya.

Vast and tall stone monuments pepper the nursery as a noble gesture to past lords. Serpentine ways will take you through these exciting stone monuments so you can look closely around. It's a legacy site, with level stone monuments or tombs committed to ladies and the upstanding ones or menhirs devoted to men. The tallest stone monument looms in the middle, making for a capturing sight.

Best chance to visit: March to June

Arwah Cave

Does journeying across an immense cavern dabbed with novel limestone formations and fossils (accepted to be a million years of age) sound invigorating? Alright, Arwah Cave is most certainly among the charming spots to see in Meghalaya. Whether you like time travel or are an undertaking addict, this cavern, settled in the thick Law Shynna Forest, is a goldmine! You will also run over a stream beside the underground rock formations and stalagmites here.

Inferable from edges, undulations, dim cleft, and odd passages, you could need to barely get through restricted spaces or even slither occasionally to investigate many pieces of this cavern. Nonetheless, it will make for an encounter that could only be described as epic, as long as you convey lights.

Best chance to visit: October to February

Meghalaya will shock you with a bunch of attractions it has coming up for you. Getaway to rich green valleys and backwoods that exemplify Meghalaya, a pine-new mountain state in the Northeast. That’s all-in part-1of Marvellous Meghalaya, we will be right back with part 2, until then stay tuned.

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