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                          Last year the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways introduced the BH series number plates for vehicles across India. The vehicle owners who must travel and live-in different cities, the introduction of BH series number plates comes as an important step for them. These number plates, initially, have been introduced for the defense personnel and employees of state and central government. The BH series number plates are not the same as the conventional registration plates. They have their own characteristics by which they are identified and distinguished from the conventional registration plates.

There are certain eligibility criteria for the candidates getting BH series number plates. Access to these plates is limited to consumers who work in the defense sector and are employees of state or central governments. Other eligibilities include that the candidate’s citizenship of India should be authentic or genuine. Vehicle owners who work with private multinational companies can also apply for BH series number plates provided that the private multinational company has branches or presence across India in different, two or three states. Candidates owning a car can apply for BH series number plates if they fulfill the above criteria.

Coming to the application cost of the BH series number plates, it is divided into three segments. The candidate must pay eight percent of the vehicle cost for the BH series number plate application if the price of the vehicle is below Rs. 10 lakhs. While vehicles cost between a range of Rs. 10-20 lakhs, has a tax rate of 10 percent. However, if the candidate’s vehicle costs more than Rs. 20 lakhs, the person owning the vehicle must have to pay 12 percent of the vehicle price in order to get a BH series number plate.

Setting aside the cost segment, owning a car with a BH series number plate has its own benefits. The BH series number plate allows the driver to have a smooth journey while traveling inter-state and the transfer of the vehicle from one state to another doesn’t pose any problems. Other drivers who do not have a BH series number plate will have to suffer re-registration nuisance in the destination state and must have a NOC certificate while traveling which the owners having a BH series number plate do not have to bear. Implementing a BH series number plate will ensure the removal of the refund from the state where the vehicle was purchased originally, provided that the whole process is time-consuming.

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