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          What does our constitution tell us? 

" देश की चेतना और उम्मीदों को पूरा करता संविधान

 आज को सुरक्षित करता, सुनहरे भविष्य को तय करता संविधान

 मूल्यों, मान्यताओं और परंपराओं की पवित्र किताब संविधान

 हर आम और खास की जरूरत संविधान"


Constitution of India

This quote tells us that our constitution fulfills the nation's consciousness and aspiration. It saves us today and determines our bright future. It is a sacred book of values, beliefs, and traditions. And it is a need of each and every citizen of India because it tells us about our rights and duties. It tells us the power of the executive, legislature, and judiciary. It tells us the government's fundamental political values, policies, processes, and power. Our constitution also outlines the limits on the power of the government. 

The constitution of India tells us the relationship of the citizens with the governments. It tells us the guidelines and principles which are required for people belonging to different ethnic and religious groups to live in harmony. It expresses the aspirations of the people about creating a good society. The constitution of India assures our justice, equality, and liberty, and endeavors to promote fraternity. 

It is a significant rule of the nation and important law of the land. Constitutional issues impact our lives every day and it also has a huge impact on the functioning of our country. That's why it is the pillar of our country. From time to time it makes us aware of our duties and rights. Therefore the constitution is not only a book but is a 'living breathing document.

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