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       If you also have a business plan sitting at home or looking for extra income, then today we will give you such a business idea. He will tell you, you can easily earn 60 thousand rupees a month sitting at home. SBI (State Bank of India) offers you this opportunity. Let us tell you how you can achieve this by taking the SBI ATM Franchise of the State Bank of India.



Let us tell you that the companies that install ATMs are different. The bank will never install its own ATMs. In the name of the bank some companies are contracted to install ATMs, which operate by installing ATMs in various locations. Let us tell you how you can make good money by taking an ATM franchise.

Requirements to take over the SBI ATM Franchise-

You must have a space of 50-80 square meters.

His distance from another ATM should be 100 meters.

This space should be low and clearly visible.

There should be 24 hours power supply, with the exception of this 1 KW connection

This ATM should have a capacity of about 300 transactions per day.

The ATM space should have a concrete roof.

No certificate of opposition is required from the public or authorities to install V-SAT.

Documents required

1. Proof of ID - Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Voter Card

2. Proof of Address - Subsidy Card, Electricity Bill

3. Bank Account and Passbook

4. Photo, Email ID, Phone Number

5. Other Scriptures

6. GST number

7. Financial Records

How to apply for an SBI ATM Franchise

The SBI ATM Franchise is offered to certain companies. You can apply online by visiting their official website. Let us tell you that the companies that install ATMs are different. Tata Indicash, Muthoot ATM and India One ATM have a contract to install ATMs especially in India. With this, you can apply for your ATM by going online to the websites of all these companies.An Official Website

Tata Indicash - www.indicash.co.in Muthoot

ATM - www.muthootatm.com/suggest-atm.html

India One ATM - india1atm.in/rent-your-space

How much to invest

Tata Indicash is the largest and oldest company among them. Offers franchisees on a 2 lakhs refund deposit. Apart from this, Rs 3 lakh will need to be included as operating expenses. In this way the total investment is Rs 5 lakh.

How much can I earn

Speaking of earning, you get Rs.8 for all cash transactions and Rs.2 for non-cash transactions. Investment profits range from 33-50% per annum. For example, if 250 transactions are made daily through your ATM, where 65 percent is cash and 35 percent is non-cash transaction, then your monthly income will be close to 45 thousand rupees. At the same time, if there are 500 transactions every day, there will be a commission of about 88-90 thousand.

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