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        The Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has criticized a channel that uses 'Bull Run' on the Telegram social media platform. SEBI has issued orders to 6 users of the channel.



According to SEBI's investigation, those who use the bull run in this telegram first buy their own stocks put them in a stockpile and wait for the price to increase, and then sell the stock as soon as the price has increased. In doing so these 6 people earned an illegal profit of Rs 2.84 crore.

Recently, SEBI launched a search operation for the group's people in Mehsana and Ahmedabad in Gujarat. SEBI found out from its investigation that the people in charge of the party did not even have SEBI registration. According to SEBI, these people made an illegal profit of Rs 2.84 crore in 10 months.

SEBI took action

SEBI has taken action against people who use the Telegram channel called Bull Run and have been removed from the stock market. However, SEBI said all the money would be received from these people.

According to SEBI, now these 6 people will not be able to buy or sell directly or indirectly in the market until further orders are made. According to SEBI, these people have violated SEBI rules.

What did this channel do?

SEBI has issued a 37-page order against this channel. It has been said that in the past these companies bought small shares in large companies and gave people incorrect information to invest in them. After this, after raising the price of these shares, they used to sell them.

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