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       PUNE Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) will run its first semester exams for students last year in February. This will be an offline test, officials said.


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For other students, both your options, online and offline exams will be offered to the university and its affiliated colleges. More than 6 lakh students are expected to register for the exams this year and due to Covid restrictions in the province there is a need for online exams.

For more than a month, senior SPPU officials and the dashis have been discussing conducting the trial. The decision was expected in December, as colleges in all three districts of Pune, Nashik and Ahmednagar would begin in the first week of January.

Asking for anonymity, senior SPPU officials said, “The SPPU first semester tests will be held in February and discussions on how to deal with them are ongoing. For final year students, there will be offline exams and for all other students there will be online and offline options, ”

While students are looking for online exams as the number of Covid cases in the province increases, Kuldeep Ambekar, a student and president of the Students Helping Hand organization, said, “Due to Omicron's unique fears many students are back. back to their hometowns and then doing offline testing is not a good idea. ”

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