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          Two cases of COVID-19 Omicron variants have been found in India, the Department of Health said Thursday, making it the 30th country in the world to report coronavirus-releasing noise.

Both cases were reported in Karnataka and the patients were two men aged 66 and 46, Joint Health Secretary Lav Agarwal told a news conference, adding that their identities would not be disclosed at this time to protect their privacy.

According to sources, although the 66-year-old is a foreigner with a history of visiting South Africa, the 46-year-old is a health worker in Bengaluru.

All the people who came in contact with the two men had been tracked down and examined, he said, adding that both cases were minor and there were no serious symptoms so far.

"We should not be shocked by the discovery of Omicron but awareness is very important. Follow Covid's proper behavior and avoid circles," Mr Agarwal said.

Dr VK Paul, chief of staff at COVID-19 at the facility, said, "There will be no restrictions any time soon. The situation is under control."

Preliminary indications suggest that the highly variable Omicron may be significantly more contagious than previous varieties, however, there is no evidence of a fatal species.

For the first time in southern Africa, Omicron represents a new challenge in the global effort to combat the epidemic as several countries have redefined the border that many hoped was a thing of the past.

It is the latest type of coronavirus that will emerge since the onset of the epidemic, including the current Delta variant, first discovered in India in October 2020.

India was due to restart scheduled international trade flights on December 15, but on Wednesday rejected the plan and said a restart date would be announced later.

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