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       India's international information technology services have launched a ‘First Career’ Program which is a certified job training program that will help young college graduates to pursue a global career in technology and IT Services.



HCL said, "The advantage of the HCL First Careers program is that it can identify your first job at HCL, train you to succeed in it within 6 months and put you in it at the end of the training."

According to reports, the program trains applicants on practical skills they will need, including technical and personal development skills.

The duration of the program will be 6 months, during which you will be taught 3 months Practical Class Training (can be accessed in the comfort of your own home), 3 Month Exercise Term at HCL Technologies. However, you will need to pay Rs 1,50,000 + applicable taxes to enjoy this training.

The training will be conducted by HCL Training and Staffing Services, a subsidiary of HCL. In addition, trainees will be deployed to HCL after the successful completion of the all-in-one training program at an initial salary of Rs. 2.75 Lakh per year.

Eligibility criteria

You can apply if you have a BE / B.Tech / MCA / M.Tech / M.Sc (IT / Computer Science) degree with 0 to 2 years of technical experience from all regions of India.

You can also apply if you have a B.Sc (IT / Computer Science), B.Voc (CS / IT / Software Development) and a BCA with experience of 0-2 years of experience in the towns of Lucknow, Nagpur, Vijayawada and Madurai.

Other conditions include 65% and above Grade XII and Graduation Marks or Graduation marks, the year of Graduation should be 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. All nominees will be trained in IT Engineering roles.

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