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      Ghodsi is the founder of Databricks, a San Francisco-based software company. And he is a man who is causing a huge change for a company that has never made a profit but is now looking at $ 1 billion in revenue by 2022. A sure CEO does not release $ 100 billion in revenue in the future.


Ali Ghodsi

In February 2021, Databricks took corporate land by storm and raised $ 1 billion to become one of the world's most valuable companies at $ 28 billion (over Rs 2 lakh crore).

After founding the company in 2013, Ghodsi took over the CEO in 2016 and since then, Databricks has never looked back.

For 42 years, Ghodsi today is a grassroots man but years ago, he had no intention of building a multi-company company. Instead, he was determined to release his best software for free. As he recently told a business magazine around the world, “We were a bunch of Berkeley hippies, and we just wanted to change the world. We would tell them, 'Just download the software for free', and they would say, 'No, we have to give you $ 1 million.' ”

Databricks was founded by Ai Ghodsi and six other scholars from the University of Berkeley. It uses pioneering technology and artificial intelligence to create wonders with data. In fact, the CEO acknowledged that not everyone gets what Databricks does. He said, “There is a little mystery about how Databricks works: Just provide a large amount of data in algorithms to train AI models on how to analyze and make data predictions. It is not like a secret sauce that no one knows. ”

According to Gods, Databricks has only four competitors that include the three major brands in the world at Google, Amazon and Microsoft. As it turned out, all three of them had invested in the company.

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