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      BJP MP Gautam Gambhir went to Delhi police with the second threatening email he received on Wednesday. The second email was sent to the email ID "".


The second email, received by India Today, reads: "We intended to kill you, but you survived yesterday."

"If you love your family life, avoid politics and the Kashmir crisis," the email continued.

In addition, the second email contains a video attachment taken outside Gautam Gambhir's house in Delhi.

Earlier on Wednesday, Gambhir, a BJP MP from East Delhi, spoke to police via a threatening email from "ISIS Kashmir". The first email read, "We will kill you and your family".

DCP (center) Shweta Chauhan told India Today that a case has been registered in this regard on the basis of Gaurav Arora's complaint on behalf of BJP MP Gautam Gambhir.

In a written complaint to Delhi police on November 23, parliamentary secretary Gaurav Arora said the first email was received at 9.32pm on Tuesday.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing and a cyber-cell of the Central District Police confirms the email address to which the threatening emails were sent.

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