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        Beware of Android phone users! The most dangerous malware Joker 'virus' has also appeared in Google Play Store applications. This Joker virus is a malicious code hidden in Android apps and can hack contact information and text messages with device details, OTPs and do many other unauthorized things.


Joker Virus


According to Kaspersky malware analyst Tatyana Shishkova, this harmful virus has been found in 14 Android apps. A malware analyst has revealed the names of these infected applications in the Tweets series.

Joker virus is one of the most unpredictable computer programs that regularly return to the Google Play Store by changing its code and signature methods or methods to recover the paid cargo. The virus can steal user data, including SMS, contact lists, and many other things.

Joker malware was first discovered in 2017. Google published a blog post about the virus in 2019 and confirmed its existence. Although Google has been able to reduce the risk of Joker malware since 2019, it still raises its bad head from time to time on Android apps.

Therefore, if you have the apps listed below installed on your apps you should remove them from their phones immediately.

Here are 14 applications infected with the Joker virus.

Super-Click VPN: This is a free VPN app. Removed from the Google Play Store, APK files are available.

Volume Boosting Hearing Aid: This app can help you make your smartphone work as a hearing aid.

Battery Charger Impact: This app has a bright and beautiful animation effect that will be visible during your battery charging.

Flashlight Warning on Phone: These applications will display a flashlight alert when calls and SMS are received.

Easy PDF Scanner: This is a PDF scanner.

Smart TV Remote: It is a global TV app.

Halloween Color: The app is a Halloween coloring game.

Old Emoji Keyboard: The app claims to offer 3000-plus emojis.

Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer: This app is said to improve the volume quality of your Android phones.

Super Hero-Effect: This app provides special effects like fire, lighting, power, and laser effects.

Battery Charger Wallpaper: This will let you know when your battery is fully charged, the purpose is to remove your phone/tablet.

Glossy Keyboard: An app for those who want a personal keyboard.

EmojiOne Keyboard: It is also a keyboard application with touch input, cloud prediction, and voice input.

Now QRCode Scanner: This app claims to turn a cell phone into a multi-modal barcode scanner.

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