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       Big Bazaar does not trade with individual customers but with organizations. One of the most important features of the Big Bazaar is that there are no intermediaries as they usually buy things directly from the manufacturers, eliminating mediators and their money. The business-to-business model was adopted by the Big Bazaar, where they provided opportunities for small and medium-sized organizations.


Big Bazaar

The success of the Big Bazaar depends on these pillars.

1. Price Strategy - When you shop at the Big Bazaar, you can expect to get discounts on almost everything. This is because it is based on a lower limit. Big Bazaar buys products from manufacturers in bulk so it does not cause losses while offering discounts to customers. As large crowds gather here to purchase these items, the strategy works for the company. As a result, despite the low interest rate, profits are huge.

2. Product Strategy- Even if the cost is attractive, the items should also be of the highest quality. The Big Bazaar offers a good selection of items. They offer items from other companies and their product line. This diverse selection attracts a large number of buyers and customers. And above all the quality of the product is high that attracts shoppers.

3. Store Location - Store placement is the next important consideration. Even with the best of plans and the most sincere intentions, things do not always turn out as expected. As a result, Big Bazaar is really looking for sites that are more accessible and accessible to everyone. The company's revenue has increased as a result of this chain of retail.

4. Promotions - Promotions are important for all public business operations. Big Bazaar has set aside a significant amount of promotions. It started special days like ‘Sabse Saste Din,’ which attracted millions of customers. It also appealed to celebrities, bollywood actors, and athletes for support. This has removed a lot of noise from the market for them. As a result, they have developed into a large, profitable trading business.

However, Future Group has announced that it is reviewing Big Bazaar Direct's best strategy and thereby halting the current concept. As a company base, it operated on a B2B basis, where kiranas and ordinary boys could form a company by becoming the Big Bazaar Franchise. But according to the current business model, the franchisee was responsible for selling Big Bazaar items nationwide. Franchise participation was limited to taking orders from consumers, making the process easier for them. The rest of the process of delivering booked items to consumer departments used it to cross into the Big Bazaar.

How much money does the Big Bazaar make?

Now comes the question in your head about how they make money. The Big Bazaar business concept removes mediators as customers buy directly from manufacturers or producers. This eliminates affiliates and revenue, allowing the Big Bazaar to increase its profit margins. Another major contributor to the Big Bazaar revenue is the wholesale discount.

The scale economy plays an important role in the profitability of the Big Bazaar. Due to its large size, Big Bazaar marketing strategy saves money on advertising, transportation, etc. In addition, they can buy large quantities at once, allowing costs to be distributed between different assets.

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