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             We all know that we know how hard it is to pass the Union Public Services (UPSC) Exam and become an IAS official. Significantly, depending on your position in the UPSC exam, submissions from IAS, IPS, IES, or IFS officials are available. Every year lakhs of students from the UPSC exam from India get a place in a few 100 seats.


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How much does an IAS official receive (salary)?

Those students who have passed the UPSC exam and become an IAS officer in India receive a good salary and several rewards. According to the 7th Payment Commission, the basic salary of an IAS officer is Rs 56,100.

In addition to the salary, the IAS official is also awarded several other grants, including a Travel Grant and a Voluntary Grant.

Reports say the total salary of an IAS official is more than Rs 1 lakh per month.

If an IAS official reaches the rank of cabinet secretary, a very high position, then his salary reaches Rs 2,50,000 a month. A policeman who is considered a Cabinet Secretary receives the highest salary.

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