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                  As MS Dhoni crashed and scored off the 27-ball 18 against Delhi Capitals, trying his best to cut Ravichandran Ashwin's carrom ball or get a bat to a 146.4kph bouncer from Anrich Nortje, signs were evident. They have been around for a while. Struggling to measure the change in speed and finally drop back after a long delivery from Avesh Khan, Dhoni was nothing like a yorker hunter, cutting bolts that we had all been accustomed to for a long time.


MS Dhoni

His attempt to strike ahead of Ravindra Jadeja in this conflict, a subtle strategy, has concealed a fact that the world is slowly admitting. Eager for the game and thoughtful meditation, Dhoni always needed to get out before the playoffs to get his touch and rhythm, something the CSK captain approved last year when a similar promotion left the team with 125-5 points in their 20 overs against the Rajasthan Royals. . Dhoni, who scored 28 runs, said, “I've been out for a long time. A 14-day split does not help (why not hit the top). "

CSK lost that game, just as they lost the one against Delhi on Monday. The latest reunion was very difficult, with Rishabh Pant's team crossing the line in the final over, and as Dhoni conceded a 15-run short, the daggers were out, pointing to their cricket batsmen who had been shocked, much to our surprise and surprise.

What if he hits like this in the finals when the side is in trouble? And, worse, what if his beating prevented CSK from reaching the summit? In a world where things have a tendency to hold on to you, this fear may be on the verge of paranoia, but it is always legal, anyway.

While the world is being forced out of social media due to the outbreak, which makes people live a life that used to happen recently, remembering the days of “Snake” or “Bounce” on the Nokia 1101 or going back to the age of regular communication SMS, With each ball Dioni blocked in playing Delhi, his previous light - as he sent Shaminda Eranga of Sri Lanka for 16 runs in three balls in the final of the 2013 tri-nation series - came to mind. Each soft tap on each side against Axar Patel was opposed to the brutal force released when he pulled out the same lump with 23 runs in the final race of the 2017 IPL match.

Going back to the bowler to get a quick, helicopter revealed oh, great power, every yorker punished, one after another… The luxury of having him on your team, when they need to chase an unbeatable goal for the last few overs. The pursuit of greater goals was evidently the norm; it was Doni's land, and we were just spectators, fortunate to see his aura for years and years.

Change is always a constant, and sports fans know the true meaning of the phrase as they finally see their once-honored heroes approaching the horizon. It begins with a refusal, a refusal to accept the diminished stellar intellect, which then translates into opposition to any criticism directed at the icon, the one who promoted in more than one way. Negotiating and debating facts will soon become commonplace but as truth enters, and supporters end up facing a bitter truth, there is a sense of darkness. The time to accept that it is over, and acknowledge that the happy memories of the player in his youth have always been a better legacy than to see him fight for the smoothness and momentum you once described.

Doni has gone through her youth. There is no hiding the truth. It comes out of the world to see. He knows it, and the players around him know it, as do the CSK management. That's why they risk sending him to Jadeja in a fruitless game - they know giving him enough playing time before the playoffs are very important. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. This season, the main player is estimated to be 14 with a strike rate of 97.67, which is his lowest number in the 14 seasons of the tournament. He is estimated at 20 compared to the slow-moving bowlers with an average of 68.96 strikes this year, which rises to 112.28 compared to quicks. His rating of 12.80 compared to the fast bowlers is very far from the old Dhoni, a Dhoni who enjoyed hitting the fastest bowlers six long in his day.

While undeniable his leadership skills, which remain the main reason for CSK's entry into the playoffs, are nowhere near a player who has instilled fear by just walking out. ‘Ithala’, as he is affectionately called by enthusiastic fans for his ability to cope with all adversity, has lived up to his reputation for over 15 years but his recent form makes it difficult to overcome obstacles, even for him.

Dhoni has been seen as the face of the franchise, prompting them to say they will continue with the former India player as captain for as long as possible. Fans will still flock to see him and get into the usual six-now-unusual ropes from his head but the whole ball fails to pull and every winner will end up with how fans miss Dhoni.

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