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             Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik today continued to fight the NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) amid an investigation into a drug use case in which Aryan Khan, the son of megastar Shah Rukh Khan, was arrested earlier this month. and several others. He also beat up the main investigator in the case - Sameer Wankhede.


Aryan Khan

Claiming that NCB officials were choosing their acquaintances as witnesses, Mr. Malik, 62, today shared some photos and told reporters: "The person seen in the photo is Fletcher Patel and his picture is of Jasmin Wankhede, the sister of NCB official Sameer Wankhede."

He also posted another photo of Mr. Wankhede, who is investigating Aryan Khan's case, and Mr. Patel, saying they knew each other very well.

Last week, Mr. Malik had released more videos, claiming that three people had been released shortly after a massive storm off the coast of Mumbai on October 2. Aryan Khan, along with seven others, was officially arrested the following day.

"After the boat crash, NCB's Sameer Wankhede said 8-10 people had been arrested (including Aryan Khan). But the fact is that 11 people were arrested. Later, three people - Rishabh Sachdeva, Prateek Gaba, and Amir Furniturewala - they have been released, "he said last Saturday, citing co-operation between the BJP and the NCB.

Rishabh Sachdeva said.

"The Mumbai anti-Narcotic police cell has to conduct an independent investigation into this," the minister said.

Responding to a question from Maharashtra's minister, Fletcher Patel, he asked how the former minister had obtained confidential letters from state and federal agencies.

"Why is he so upset? Why is a person insulted when he is close to Sameer Wankhede?" told NDTV.

Mr. Fletcher said Mr. Malik should focus on his department. "What have you done in two years? He is attacking those who are doing a good job. Sameer Wankhede is trying to make Maharashtra drug-free. We should be proud of him, not hunt him down," he said.

Mr. Fletcher said he was a retired soldier and that the country would come first for him. He said Mr. Wankhede saw him as a soldier and knew he would be oppressed. He said he considered Mr. Wankhede's sister as his sister.

Mr. Fletcher said his name and address had been circulated. "Who's to blame if something happens to me?"

He also said he would file a defamation suit.

On Friday, Maharashtra Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray also criticized the BJP for drug attacks in the country.

"Did it only happen (drug seizures) in Maharashtra? Drugs taken as crores were seized in Mundra Port. While your agencies (NCB) found a small gang, our police found drugs that could cost cr 150 crores. , "said the Prime Minister.

Aryan Khan has been denied bail four times since his arrest on October 3.

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