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               Amazon has declared the launch of Amazon Future Engineer, its global computer education program, in India. The program aims to empower access to quality computer education and job opportunities for students from disadvantaged and underprivileged communities. At the start of the launch, Amazon aims to empower and bring computer science learning opportunities to more than 1 lakh students from the 900 government and to assist schools in seven Indian districts.



The program has been launched as despite the millions of students enrolling in computer science courses every year in India, the participation of students from marginalized and under-represented communities remains very low due to many factors, including limited access to computer science-related job opportunities, lack of motivational role models. and language barriers to accessing interesting curriculum formats. 

Moreover, the penetration of smartphones in India is much higher than the availability of computers; and currently many existing computer science and online content learning modules are not compatible with mobile phones, instead relying on computers as an institution, acting as an additional barrier for students, a statement from the company said.

Amazon Future Engineer, a comprehensive social work-based program, aims to address this gap by bringing early access and access to computer science education for students through online learning formats. Amazon is working with its global knowledge partner, a global non-profit organization dedicated to computer science education, delivering high quality content and CS collaboration to Indian students. 

In view of local nuances, the curriculum is tailored to the context of teachers and student communities in state-of-the-art schools, and will provide students with basic codes and technology-focused future courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (Voice Technology) in Indian languages.

Amazon will partner with many non-profit organizations focused on education to take high quality CS education for public school students in the provinces of Karnataka, Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Telangana. The program will focus on students in Grades 6-12, and will also train teachers and teachers to teach computer science in a participatory way.


In addition to empowering content and curriculum, Amazon Future Engineer will also help students discover and explore the world of Computer Science and its real-life applications, through their own experiences. Efforts will include 'Class Chats' where students meet Amazonian people to understand the activities of the technology industry, and an 'Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge' where students learn the basics of the program while writing robots and discover how Amazon uses robots to deliver millions of products worldwide

Students from disadvantaged communities in India face unequal educational barriers, especially in the field of computer science. We are very excited to bring the Amazon Future Engineer program to India, as we believe that all young people, regardless of background, should be well-informed and accessible to computer science education. 

We aim to bring the Computer Science curriculum closer to these students in their preferred languages and to choose their own, empowering them with the necessary skills and competencies to advance their careers, ”said Amit Agarwal, Global Senior VP and Head of State, Amazon India. He said, "We are sure that students will come out confident and have the skills to become reliable innovators of technological solutions and build a better future for themselves, and the communities around them," said Amit.

In the next few years, Amazon India will continue to scale this program and expand the range of CS-related education offerings in India. Amazon Future Engineer will also increase its student support through scholarships, training, problem-solving hackathon events, and Amazon-directed mentoring programs. Schools, administrators, and teachers interested in participating in Amazon future Engineer can learn more about this initiative by going to the details of the official website.

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