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         To continue receiving a pension, everyone earning a state pension must submit an annual Life Certificate in November. People 80 years of age or older have started issuing life certificates from October 1. Pensioners can submit their Annual Life Certificate in a variety of ways. “Submit your Health Certificate without rebuttal! Pensioners aged 80 and over can submit a Life Certificate from 1 October 2021 onwards, ”SBI tweeted.



Here are some ways to submit a Certificate of Lifetime:

Submission of a life certificate by the bank branch

The Life Certificate can be sent in the normal way when pensioners are required to visit a bank branch to withdraw their pension.

Submission of life certificate via Jeevan Pramaan website

Online, a pensioner can submit his or her Life Certificate digitally from home by attaching a UIDAI certified biometric device to his or her personal computer or mobile phone. In order to submit a Digital Life Certificate, pensioners must ensure that their Pension account is linked to the Aadhaar Number.

Submission of life certificate using Doorstep banking facility

-To get banking at the door to bring a Life Certificate, one has to download the Doorstep Banking App.

-Select your Bank and apply for a service at the door to submit a Life Certificate.

-Enter your pension account number and confirm it.

-You can see the cost of Doorstep services, click continue. You can access this service for a nominal fee

-After submitting your request, you will receive an SMS stating the name of the agent.

-The bank agent will visit your home address and complete the process of submitting the Life Certificate.

Delivery of life certificate by post at home

Pensioners can book their applications on the mobile app for postal information or government websites. The certificate will be issued immediately with the Pramaan ID sent to the pensioners' cellphone. The life certificate details will be automatically updated with the pension department. It is a paid service and will be available to all Central Government Pensioners across the country regardless of whether their pension accounts are in another bank. The service will attract a minimum payment of ₹ 70.

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