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                 Suryoday Small Finance Bank has informed its customers that it will be shutting down ATMs. The bank on its website said it would suspend its ATM operations from tomorrow, October 1.



For operational reasons, Suryoday Bank ATMs will be closed on October 1, 2021, "Suryoday Small Finance Bank said on its website.

However, one can continue to use their Suryoday Bank ATM / Debit Card at any bank ATM for your withdrawal needs. The bank said that for other banking services, customers could use Internet Banking and Mobile Banking (24X7).

Last month, in a message to shareholders in the annual report, Suryday SFB chief executive and chief executive Bhaskar Babu said the bank was looking to become a single solution bank using strategic partnerships. “Our main task for the next three years will be to build financial resilience for our financially inclusive customers using digital channels, which are simple, easy to use and that offer complete product options to create wealth and advanced user experience,” Babu said.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Limited is a structured commercial bank. With its operations as NBFC, Suryoday began its operations as SFB in 2017. The bank is present in all 13 provinces and UTs throughout India with its 555 locations, with major powers in Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Odisha.

Suryoday SFB reported a loss of ₹ 48 crore in the quarter ended June 30, 2021 due to cancellation, reorganization provision and the impact of pay due to low pay due to the second Covid-19 wave. The bank reported a total profit of ₹ 27 crore in the last quarter.

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