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                A Zomato spokesman confirmed this, "We have decided to close our grocer and from now on, we have no plans to launch any other food delivery system in our area.


The email, sent on September 11, 2021, by Zomato to fellow grocers said it intended to suspend its airline food delivery service from September 17. The company has launched its food service driver in a few selected markets. The service provided food delivery within 45 minutes to its customers.

Zomato had dice and entered food delivery services in July using a market model in which it empowers its customers to shop in neighboring stores. Its rivals like Swiggy, Dunzo, however, have a different model, where they set up black shops that will serve food orders within 15 to 30 minutes. Grofers, where Zomato has a 10 percent share, also promises 10-minute food delivery.

The presented delivery model, with a promise of less than 15 minutes delivery and imminent fulfillment rates, has been attracting more and more customers, and is growing rapidly.

The Covid-19 epidemic has overpowered the acceptance of an online service by consumers looking for cooked delivery - the sooner the better. From 30 minutes to 15 minutes to 10 minutes - the likes of Swiggy, Dunzo and Grofers push the boundaries when it comes to delivering food to the customer's door during recording time. According to Reedseer's latest survey, fast-moving commerce is expected to grow 10-15 over the next five years to become a $ 5 billion target by 2025.

Besides, over the past few years, online food companies have grown and developed better supply chains and smart harp venues. They focus more on deep technology to better understand consumer preferences.

However, this is not Zomato's first attempt to get into the food business. Last year, when food orders were affected by the epidemic, Zomato had tried to try to eat. However, it has quickly come out of the upper part of the burn as its core business has acquired.

With $ 100 million investing in Grofers and a restaurant in its operating system, this was Zomato's second attempt to bring basic food and fruit and vegetables to its customers without restaurant food.

In recent interview, senior management of Zomato said no one had found a suitable model for online gaming in the country.

"There are more challenges that need to be addressed in terms of fulfillment to ensure that customers get what they want. This is not a response to Covid but something we believe could be a future opportunity. our market in the app soon, "they said.

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