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                  Khan Sir is known to all, who is very popular among young boys and girls for teaching in desi style. Khan Sir's videos are watched by millions of people not only in the country but also abroad. Whether it is children or students preparing for competitive exams, they are eagerly waiting for Khan Sir's video. Today we are going to tell you interesting stories related to Khan Sir's life and his success stories.


Khan Sir

Coming from a middle class family in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, Khan's full name is Faizal Khan. His father is in the Indian Army and mother works at home. His elder brother is also a commando in the Indian Army, so Khan Sir also wanted to join the Indian Army and serve the country. He also passed the National Defense Academy (NDA) exam, but could not be selected due to physical reasons.

When he was not selected for the Indian Army, Khan decided to educate his children. In this context Khan Sir went to Patna, the capital of Bihar, to teach the children. When he came to Patna, he started his own coaching class and started teaching GS to children at a low fee. Khan Sir's method of teaching and explaining any subject in a desi style drove the students crazy about him.

The number of students has increased so much that there is a lack of space in coaching classes. Therefore, to educate children through online platforms, Khan Sir also launched his YouTube channel in 2019 called Khan GS Research Center.

The number of viewers of Khan Sir's videos on YouTube has also increased. When the coaching institute was closed due to Corona period, Khan sat at home and started posting videos of daily contemporary issues for the children. People were so impressed with Khan Sir's teaching style that his videos were watched by millions every day. Consumers crossed the 1 crore mark in just few months. Today, Khan Sir has 12.3 million subscribers on YouTube, the largest educational channel in India.

Khan Sir got married in April last year, due to Corona period, the wedding date was changed. His future wife is an MBBS doctor and is studying at Benaras Hindu University. Khan Sir helps people a lot, also runs NGOs. An orphanage shed is also run in the capital Patna, where needy children are cared for and given free education. We are proud of Khan Sir's talent and his teaching style.

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