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               WhatsApp is working on a number of features and is expected to release them soon. The company reportedly plans to add a new option to the final view, a new disappearing chat feature and a redesigned party details page. WhatsApp will also soon allow you to send videos or photos with high resolution. Read on to find out more.



WhatsApp will soon be expected to discover 5 new features

New Recognition Option: In the near future, WhatsApp will add the ability to hide the last visibility of a particular contact. This feature has been recognized by WaBetaInfo and will soon be expected to affect the stable version. A quoted source reported that the new option will be available for iOS and Android users.

The messaging service is set to add the "External Contacts" option to the privacy settings, which will allow users to enable the last recognition of certain contacts. This feature will be useful when you do not want to show off to other people while keeping online on WhatsApp. It is important to know that if you do not share your last seen with anyone, then you will not be able to see the last sighting of other people.

Disappearing conversations: We may also see a new chat feature disappearing soon. According to WaBetaInfo, this mode will be available for chat with individual groups on WhatsApp. This feature is an extension of an existing feature for missing messages.

Upcoming disappearance conversations will "automatically convert new chat threads into temporary chat." Someone will find this in privacy settings. After enabling it, all messages in the chat or in each new group will disappear shortly.

If someone does not want all their messages to be deleted, they will need to keep the chat conversations running. A source quoted says that WhatsApp will notify users if the missing message mode is enabled in the new chat. The feature was recently seen in version WhatsApp beta.

Group icon editor, redesigned group information page: The company owned by Facebook is also working on a new group icon editor program, seen in Android beta version. The new feature will allow users to quickly create group icons, when they have no image. One will also find the option to choose the background color of the icon. WhatsApp can also offer emoji and stickers as options.

In addition to the group icon editor feature, the messaging service also works with the redesign of the group info page, and users can see the chat and call buttons on the front and in the middle. This redesign was seen on WhatsApp beta version of iOS, according to WaBetaInfo. The new design seems to offer great chat, audio and video chat buttons. Managers can share the invitation link as well. Both of these features can be found soon.

High Definition Videos or Photos: WhatsApp puts a lot of pressure on videos and photos to help users instantly send them to their contacts. However, not many people are happy about posting low quality media. According to WaBetaInfo, the company will soon be introducing a new feature in the app that will allow users to choose the quality of video or image uploads. The report suggests that users will soon be able to choose between 'Best Quality' mode, 'Data Saver' mode, and Auto mode that will determine the quality of the video clips you share.

Photos into stickers: WaBetaInfo recently reported that the messaging app plans to add a new feature, which will allow users to convert their photos into stickers. At the time this feature is released to users, they will see a new sticker icon next to the caption bar as they upload a new image to the app.

If you select that icon, WhatsApp will send the image as a sticker and not as a standard image. The quoted source suggested that users will be able to confirm whether the image you posted is sticky or not. This feature is currently being developed and is available in beta version of 2.2137.3 desktop.

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