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                   The sale date for the Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro is set for September 24 and consumers will meet the prices while booking their next iPhone device. However, buyers have the option of significantly lowering the price by choosing to trade internally.


iPhone 13

Apple trading can be selected after a different iPhone selection. While booking a phone, the user will have to answer a few questions about his or her current smartphone

Apple will then offer a limited amount of trading and use it as a quick credit to purchase. Once the order has been placed, the courier will confirm the date and time of the door delivery and the transaction.

The next step is to get the smartphone ready for exchange.

Before the arrival of a new smartphone, the consumer will need to upgrade his current smartphone. The delivery officer will conduct diagnostic tests and verify that the smartphone is working.

Users are advised to save their data.

Make sure their iPhone can access the Internet at their location.

Adjust their Apple ID and password so that Find My iPhone is deleted after the exchange has received a green signal.

 On the day of delivery and the manager will test the device and perform a quick diagnostic test while you wait. When the verification is complete and the smartphone is out, the trade will be completed and the buyer will receive a new iPhone.

If the verification shows that the status is not specified or something is not working, the user can still get the new iPhone but will have to pay the messenger the difference between the commercial credit they have already received and the revised value of the device.

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