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                   This month, Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) will launch its online platform with several courses, ‘Degree Plus’. As job-related skills and additional certificates become increasingly suitable for students to increase their employment, the university is launching its own platform where approximately 500 certification courses will be available to students.

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Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the popularity of online courses has grown exponentially and several ed-tech companies, in partnership with Indian and foreign universities, have begun offering diploma and certification courses online.

SPPU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Nitin Karmalkar said the trip began during the closing session when he spoke to a number of ed-tech companies about making a few of the university's diploma courses available online.

“At the time of the closure, we realized that the acceptance of online courses was finally beginning. Today, clean graduation in one subject is not enough, students need to take several skills and certificates to increase employment and besides, why not study the subjects they are interested in? That's why I thought of talking to online forums but realized that the fees paid by these platforms could be too much… being a state-funded public university, we should be involved and sensitive in all sections of society, especially students from economically weak sectors. We did not expect them to pay such a high price, ”he said.

In the meantime, the university has developed a few short courses as part of an industrial partnership, such as diplomas in mountain climbing, or mergers with government agencies such as AYUSH.

“We interacted with one of the platforms during the online test program, where we used their servers. After that, we had a meeting and decided to start our own forum, Degree Plus, where the university will offer online certification courses. Since we had already developed many short courses at the university level, we decided to teach them there. We also spoke to forums such as Coursera, SimpliLearn… and hopefully, the forum will offer their courses as well, even though it is not a discounted price for university students. In fact, to prevent a few technical studies, most courses will be available free of charge for the first six months, with no small registration fee, ”said Karmalkar.

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