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                          Mumbai police have charged the owner of edutech company BYJU'S with criminal charges for allegedly inserting ‘misleading’ information into its UPSC curriculum.

Byju Raveendran

The FIR is Filed with the Aarey Colony police station under the Indian Penal Code section 120 (B) for criminal conspiracy and section 69 (A) of the Information Technology Act.

At FIR, company owner Raveendran is named. A copy of MOTO, available through The Free Press Journal.

According to Aarey police, the FIR has registered a complaint against a criminal company, Crimeophobia, alleging that Edtech, in its UPSC curriculum, said the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was the United Nations International Convention for the Elimination of Organized Crime (UNTOC). However, according to the complainant, the CBI has written down that it is not a UNTOC lead agency.

“I received a lot of supposition about the execution of UNTOC (India) in May in the BYJU'S UPSC curriculum, after which I conncet to them by email, asking them to do the necessary changes. In response they sent me a letter from the Department of Home Affairs regarding the CBI in charge of affairs, but it was written in 2012. So, I found it disappointing and went to the police, ”said Snehil Dhall, founder of Crimeophobia.

"Indian government make plan at the UNSC is to go against terrorism and UNTOC is one of the main laws to finish terrorism, which has no drivers because Crimeophobia took up the issue of the SC," added Dhall. According to UNTOC data, there are three main principles to be followed: human trafficking, arms and ammunition and money laundering.

A BYJU spokesman said, "We are not in a position to comment as we will still receive a copy of the MOTO."

However, a spokesman for the conference clarified, “We have received a letter from Crimeophobia, a private company, stating that the preparation materials published by us for the UPSC examination against the United Nations Convention in opposite to Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC) is wrong.

However, in spite of the allegations, the matter is correct and is supported by an official communication issued by the Department of Home Affairs, Government of India, on April 30, 2012, a replica of which was shared with Crimeophobia in response to a letter. All the information we use is obtained and verified by reliable sources, ”said a BYJU'S spokesman.

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