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                                     WhatsApp users can easily send bulk messages without typing them in the messaging app - all thanks to digital assistants. You just need to ask the visible assistant to send WhatsApp and your job will be done.


Until now to send messages Google Assistant is used, iOS users are able to send WhatsApp messages through Siri. It's an easy solution to send messages when you are busy or not in a position to type a message, but still, you need to send a message.

One can even ask digital assistants to read the messages to you, but the visual assistant will ask you for some permission, which you will need to give if you want the assistant to do your job. You will need to provide access to your phone notifications.

With this, Google shows a message, which allows"to hear your messages, calendar events, and other important information, give the Google app access to your notifications." Don't worry, you can always change this in settings. All you need to do is go to the notification section in Settings and disable Google notification access.

Now, if you want to send messages to WhatsApp without typing, keep reading to learn more about how to send messages with the help of Google Assistant.

WhatsApp: How to send messages without typing

Step 1: First, you need to install the Google Assistant app on your smartphone if you can't just call it "Hey Google" or "Okay Google." On your Android phone or tablet, you can touch and hold the Home button to activate Google Assistant.

Step 2: Once you've installed it, tap the "Open" button and say "Hey Google."

Step 3: After that, the digital assistant is able to respond. Do not say "Send WhatsApp message to XXXX (name)." You will need to specify the name of the contact you want to send the message to.

Step 4: The Google Assistant will then ask you what to say in the message.

Step 5: The virtual assistant will be typing to display the message. The assistant will say the message is ready to be sent. So after that, you just need to say "OK, send." Your message will be delivered. Second, the assistant may send the message directly.

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