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                              Realme Book has been launching by Realme since June, and today announced that the laptop will be fully launched on August 18 in China at 3 PM local time.

Realme Book

On that day, Realme will also launch the Realme GT series in India, and it is not yet clear whether the Realme Book will be announced in the company's largest market or remain exclusively in China initially. That said, while Realme did not specify a specs sheet for its first laptop, it open and official photos have revealed that the notebook will look like Apple's MacBook Air.

The feature of Realme Book is that it will have a 2K display and a 3: 2-factor ratio and have Intel's 11th Gen Core i5 processor. Realme Book will come in many colors, blue is one of the options. It will also have a fingerprint scanner embedded in the power button.

We do not know when the Realme Book will arrive in India, but the Indian company branch joked about the Realme Book Slim with the illuminated keyboard, and while the size of its battery was unknown, the Realme confirmed that they would charge with a USB-C port.

Realme Book Slim in India may be a Realme Book in China, or it may be another product. We'll have to wait and see.

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