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                  Simply Energy unveiled a light electric bike on August 15, which is the 75th day of freedom in India. The electric scooter is ready to challenge the popularity of Ola Electric’s S1 and S1 Pro, introduced earlier in the day, as well as the Ather 450x, among two other wheels in the Indian automotive segment.

Simple one

 Founder Shreshth Mishra revealed that the company is always focused on solving issues like the low distance offered by electric bicycles and that the company always has the mindset to provide the longest distance and long-term performance.

Simple One Energy plans to create a charging network in 13 states where the company plans to launch an electric bike soon. It is planned to set up more than 300 charging stations in these provinces.

Simple One distance for one electric bike

The Simple One electric bike is said to provide a distance of about 236 kilometers in full range, which is said to be the longest electric scooter in India. The bike will cover a distance of 203 km in eco mode and 236 km in IDC mode.

Variety of simple one bike

A Simple One electric bike has been launched in different varieties such as colors, including Black, White, Brazen White, and Red. 

Simple One bike booking

Customers can start booking a Simply One electric motorcycle for a fee of Rs 1947. Customers can pay the booking price online to get an electric car delivery.

High speed single light bike

A simple one single electric bike can provide a top speed of 98 kmph to 105 kmph. The bike is powered by a 4.8 kWh battery, which is a waterproof IP67. The bike has 27000 cells that empower the battery.

The acceleration of the bike is from 0-40 kmph in just 2.9 seconds.

Simple one features of an electric bike

The newly launched two-wheeled wheel is powered by 4G and supports Bluetooth 5.2. The bike offers a 30-liter boot space.

Simple one price

Simple One was introduced at an ex-showroom price range of Rs 1,09,999. As selected countries offer incentives to purchase a simple electric bike, the bikes will get less expensive.

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