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                 IBM and IIT Madras declared the collaboration of the Online BSc Degree program and added selected courses to the National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL). IBM experts will collaborate on quantum computing courses at the NPTEL Platform and expand NPTEL courses such as scientific data and artificial intelligence with technological integration that will help provide students with a current industry perspective.

Data Science

IITs and IISc can reach a large number of students through the NPTEL platform. NPTEL now collaborators with around 4,000 colleges in commerce, engineering, arts, science, and management systems. Many students take NPTEL tests because it helps them improve their work. Specialists and senior leaders from companies offer their LIVING courses in a variety of technologies and provide a hard work guide for NPTEL students. We are very excited to partner with IBM on this access program

They have decided to start the technical times of NPTEL partner colleges through their local chapters and the IIT Madras Online BSc Degree program. Participation will also strengthen IBM and NPTEL's commitment to various programs to bring quality education and new employment skills to any student from rural or non-urban areas of India.

Mona Bharadwaj, leader of the global university program, IBM India said: “Technology has emerged as a major business assistant and Indian businesses have been accelerating the adoption of new technologies. At the same time, the skills gap in the Indian student community continues to grow. IBM has been collaborating with different government and education organizations to improve the technical education system and engaging with IIT Madras and NPTEL is a major milestone in this journey. Partnerships will help equip students with 21st-century sets of skills that can create new career paths. ”

In May 2021, IBM announced a partnership with IIT Madras to provide courses, researchers, and student access to IBM's quantum programs, accelerate quantum computing research, and conduct courses that will help prepare students.

Online technical sessions given by the IBM experts will provide industry information to our students on the Online BSc Degree Program. Online learning mode makes it much easier for the field to meet professionals. We look forward to working with IBM and look forward to working with you in many such areas.

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