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                          Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to launch the e-RUPI program yesterday on 2 August. This will be a voucher-based payment solution. As a result of this epidemic, you will be launching this program through a video conference. Since it is a new campaign and one of a kind, people should know about it. So, we talked about Rupi Launch 2021 in this post to give you a basic idea.


e - RUPI

Rupi Launch 2021

As mentioned, the government introduced the e-RUPI payment system today. This will be presented through a video conference. Speaking of this program, it is one of the programs that the government will introduce to limit the points between the beneficiary and the government. In this regard, the government aims to ensure that institutions and benefits reach those who will benefit from the government. Also, the process is rewarding and effective. Also, you can be happy to know that the portal is a money-free and unconnected way of digital payments. In addition, the site is a voucher-based payment system that uses QR codes for beneficiaries on their mobile phones. In addition, you should be aware that e-RUPI connects sponsors and service providers.

e-RUPI Initiative 2021

We would also like to present to you that with the help of this program the government connects service providers and services to digital beneficiaries. Therefore, users no longer need a visual interface. In addition, users are assured that the service provider receives payment only after the service is complete. Also, the service provider finds that you receive payment without being intercepted by a mediator. In addition, e-RUPI users can redeem discounts without resorting to digital payment requests, credit cards, online banking, etc. Also, you should be aware that the site falls under the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). The Association runs the site in partnership with the Department of Health and Family Welfare, the Department of Finance, and the National Health Authority.

RUPI Online Platform 2021

With the launch of this program, people can expect a separate transition from the provision of rewarding social services (delivery). In addition, the site can be used for services under the Mother and Welfare program, Drug Diagnosis, TB eradication, fertilizer subsidy, etc. In addition, the platform also supports private vendors and companies. The great advantage of the platform is that it has leak proof, which is a great need today.

e-RUPI Features and Launch 2021 FAQs

What is the idea behind the e-RUPI platform construction by the government?

The government launched the e-RUPI platform today with the idea of electric vouchers on the platform. This brings the idea of Good Governance forward.

Which three departments are affiliated with the National Payments Corporation of India?

The three departments affiliated with the National Payments Corporation of India are the Department of Health and Family Welfare, the Department of Finance, and the National Health Authority.

Do we need Jan Dhan accounts or anything special to apply for on the platform?

No, with a portal, all a person needs is a valid phone number.

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