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                 When Kota, Rajasthan's Desh Bandhu Panday wearing the hot seat of Amitabh Bachchan's Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 program, did not know that an unwanted problem would arise. A railway official on duty, Panday went home with Rs 3,40,000 after not receiving an estimated response of Rs 6,40,000. Panday played well and was left with only one string, however, he answered question 11 incorrectly and went home with Rs 3,40,000.

Kon Banega Crorepati

While Panday is fulfilling his lifelong dream of meeting Bachchan and appearing in KBC, he is now facing the consequences of participating in the game. According to the latest news, Panday has landed himself in legal trouble. The train official was slapped by a paper accusing him by the Railways Administration of participating in KBC 13.

According to the information, Panday who stayed in Mumbai from August 9-13 to be in the game, informed the adults about taking the leaves. However, his request for leave was not considered. The charge sheet sent to him by the railway authorities remained silent on the matter.

There have been protests by railway unions over the issue. Secretary of the West Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh section Khalid, said the railway authorities had not done well with Pandey.

Meanwhile, question 11 out of Rs 6,40,000 Panday guessed wrong was - "Which of these falls completely in Europe?" The options were: Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. The correct answer is Ukraine.

In other news, KBC 13 is ready to get its first crorepati of the season. In next week's episode, the contestant for the visually impaired Himani Bundela will fight all odds and take home Rs 1. You will also try the question of Rs 7 million, a job not available to many in the past.

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