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                                 As life returns to normal by slowing down in almost all areas affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, college students may also be able to return to classes soon. The country's government is trying to create a plan to reopen colleges of internal learning, Higher Education and Technology Minister Uday Samant said in Pune on Wednesday. Samant said he had asked senior officials in his department to hold a meeting with district collectors, disaster management and vice-chancellors, to prepare a plan to reopen colleges practically.

Uday Samant

“I have received many requests from students and parents about this. We will try to start physical classes this academic year. I have asked the two higher education and technology directors to hold meetings with regional collectors, disaster management, and vice-chancellors. As the university has a large area with several districts under it, and the situation of Covid-19 in all districts is different, we need to put in place a plan to reopen colleges, depending on the situation. The report will be presented to me in a few days, after which we will make a decision… however, our efforts are to start colleges in a meaningful way this academic year, ” he said.

The minister agreed that for colleges to start anew, it was important to open hostels for students from rural areas to return to study at colleges and universities. If students need to be vaccinated on a large scale, then universities have been told to prepare similar programs, the minister said.

As this happened, when the management of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) issued a circular on January 4 this year regarding the reopening of doors and colleges for public speaking, the Department of Higher Education and Technology had issued a notice in the same manner.

According to the SSPPU circular, courses would be offered at the universities and colleges of about 800 colleges in Pune, Nashik, and Ahmednagar under the auspices of the university. However, the state government issued a notice of the exhibition to the university, asking them on what basis the decision was made, as neither the state government nor the University Grants Commission had sent instructions regarding the start of the teaching.

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