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                      WhatsApp now let you to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once by the recipients. The new change began with a move for iPhone users with a new version of WhatsApp on Tuesday. However, shortly thereafter, the instant messaging app announced its release to all users, including those on Android. 

WhatsApp has been going through 'View once' feature for few time to enable pictures and videos to disappear from the conversation after being seen by the user. However, it does not limit people to keeping a record of media content by simply taking their screenshots.

The 'View Once' feature was firstly released on WhatsApp for iPhone version 2.21.150 in India. However, Android users have now begun to see the new experience.

When you saw the 'View once' feature, you can enable the disappearance of an image or video before sending it to your contacts by clicking the new '1 'icon that appears near the caption.

Videos and pictures send by using the 'View Once' feature will not be see in chat conversations when the recipient is out of the media viewer. Media content will also not be stored in photos or in the recipient's gallery, and they will not be able to transfer it via the app. In addition, the photo or video posted using it will also expire in the conversation if it is not opened within 14 days.

With that said, recipients can still take a 'Watch once' screenshot or capture these videos using the default screen recording feature. WhatsApp, therefore, recommends that users only post photos and videos using the new feature to trusted people.

WhatsApp has been going through this feature from September 2020 to let users to make their photos and videos delete from the app once seen by recipients. It also introduced a beta test phase on both Android and iOS devices by the end of June. The Facebook-hosted app also brought WhatsApp Web to other users last month.

When you use the 'View once' feature of WhatsApp highlighted in blog posts is when users share something as sensitive as a Wi-Fi password that they do not want to be stored on the recipient's phone. You can also use the feature when you share photos of the item you are viewing in the store to get a quick response from the recipient.

WhatsApp is currently releasing this feature to everyone from this week. Make sure you have the latest WhatsApp version on your phone to get the latest information.

In line with the 'Watch once' feature, the updated WhatsApp for iPhone also introduced a new style of in-app message notifications that removes clutter and brings focus to message content.

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