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                                        The company confirmed in a tweet on Tuesday that the hackers stole more than $600 million from Ethereum and other fraudulent funds by violating the Poly Network blockchain-based platform. This is the biggest split in spending money on DeFi space so far. Poly Network is a crypto platform that gives permission to users to exchange crypto tokens and has confirmed that thousands of investors have been affected by this latest crypto theft.

Crypto Hack

"We are sorry to declare that #PolyNetwork has been attacked by hackers," Poly said Tuesday morning, confirming that millions of dollars had been stolen from crypto investors. It also shares the addresses of the attackers to which the stolen money has been transferred.

"We are inviting miners of the blockchain involved and crypto exchanges on blacklist tokens from the above addresses," the forum, which was formed by a coalition between groups behind several blockchain platforms - Neo, Ontology, and Switcheo, said. He called on the hijackers to return the goods and added that legal action would be taken against those involved.

Ethereum is believed to be the cryptocurrency most affected by the scam. The hackers scarf $ 273 million in the Ethereum tokens, $ 253 million from Binance Smart Chain tokens, and $ 85 million from US Dollar Coin (USDC) tokens over the Polygon network. . Around $ 33 million of the solid coin, Tether that was part of the hackers was frozen by the Tether issuer shortly after the attack. Hence these tokens cannot be used by hackers.

This attack appears to be the largest in the young crypto space that has faced many challenges over the past few months. "We are aware of the poly. network exploitation that has taken place today. Although no one is in control of the BSC (or ETH), we are working with all our security partners to help. There are no guarantees.

Poly Network said the initial investigation found that the criminal had used "danger between contract calls". This type of hack in the Defi space has been a major concern for investors. Since the beginning of this year, there have been many cases, but, of course, the stolen money was too much.

Defi Blockchain Credit Partners and its top leaders were accused by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last week of raising $ 30m for alleged fraud.

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