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                  The government has announced a number of IT-based automotive registration solutions, including the launch of the new BAR-series (BH-series). Cars that have a BH logo will no need to require a new registration mark when the owner leaves one state to another.



"This initiative will facilitate the free movement of vehicles traveling to the provinces and union areas in India once they have been relocated to a new state/union area," said the Department of Transport and Highways (MORTH).

Currently, a car owner is allowed to keep the car for a period of not more than 12 months in any case except in the case where the vehicle is registered. New registration is required to do what needs to be done within 12 months.

In addition, the complex vehicle registration process includes documents including a No Objection Certificate from the parent country, the issuance of new post-tax registration marks in accordance with the application for a tax refund in the parent country.

The offer for reimbursement from parental status varies from one status to another making it a difficult process. "The center will be voluntarily available to Defense personnel, Central and State employees, Central and PSUs, as well as private corporations with offices in four or more provinces," he added.

The new sign registration will start in the year of initial registration, followed by 'BH' and a random alphanumeric number. Car tax will be levied for two years or doubled. However, after the fulfillment of the fourteenth year, the motor vehicle tax will be levied annually and will be half the amount previously charged.

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