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                   If you are unsure of the stocks you choose, you can invest in other stocks for a period of time, just as you do every month with the combined funds. Let's explain. Therefore, if you are investing in an equity fund for a particular program through a Structured Investment Program, you can also invest directly in certain equity, which has the potential to grow. In short, you can buy a small number of shares every month, just as you buy stocks.


Coal India

This is one stock you should consider in your investment SIPs. One of the main reasons is the dividend yield that the investor receives in stock. The risk of negative downfall is very low due to the yield. Last year the company announced a $12.5 per share, which at the current market price of Rs 146, issued a share of 8.16%. This means that your split yield is much better than the deposit interest rates.

According to Edelweiss, the biggest success for Coal India in Q1FY22 has been to balance production and reduce the installation of pitheads to 60mt - the lowest level in the past six months.

‘Lower establishment creates reduced distance issues, thereby improving FSA awareness. The brokerage is hopeful that the company can boost the cash-generating prospects that can help it maintain a prize profit from 12-15% on FY22 despite CAPEX highs. It saves' BUY / SO 'at the target price of Rs 185 at 9x Q2FY23E EPS,' said the seller. The risks here are limited as you continue to receive a firm share payment.

Reliance Industries is a stock that you can consider for SIPs

If you are confident about the company's growth you can invest less, as you do, and buy stock of Reliance Industries every month. Most brokers are strong in the company stocks as the story of the next five years is growing.

Recently, retailer Motilal Oswal put a purchase call on the stock. The company quoted the prices of all the companies and came up with a fair price of Rs 2,345 in stock.

You can buy regularly on a monthly basis and if you feel the price has gone up, you can stop and look at other stocks highlighted by financial traders.

Why invest in stock SIPs?

The good thing about SIP stocks is that if the price goes down, you can buy again every month thus estimating the cost. This means that as a shared currency the risks of market fluctuations are enclosed because the measurement law applies. In the two shares above, one is a growth story and the other a division issue, where your SIP can make a good profit. We all know that if people had to start a SIP in other bank shares or IT shares they would have a stronger portfolio.


Investment in the stock market depends on the risks associated with the stock market which is why investors need to be very careful. The author, or brokerage, or Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd will not be liable for any loss incurred in connection with the decision to purchase stocks in accordance with the article above. Stock indices are currently at a lifetime level which is why investors need to be careful.

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