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                    Starting a business can seem like an enormous challenge, particularly when capital is tight. Thoughts such as inventory management, logistics, marketing, it, and, as is often stagger the faith of a beginner. 



Business Idea

Artificial jewelry 

The jewelry will never go out of fashion, no question. Even with the COVID-19 shutdown, and when most of the businesses were closed, and the demand for artificial, minimalist jewelry has remained constant. The creation of a costume jewelry company, it is a very good as possible, with a minimum investment of Rs 25,000

 Home Bakery 

Creating a simple home, we were able to establish a network that requires a huge investment, but it is necessary for a strong plan to bake it with a handful of money in order to buy one stove and cooking of ingredients. 

Homemade candles 

In the last few years, and people are buying more candles, especially scented candles to make their home decor and gifts. You can begin with the light of a candle in the goods at a minimal cost, or how to create it in-house or buy it from a third party. 


Starting a business on the Internet, with sheets, it is very useful for the founders of the company, because you can buy products in bulk and for cheaper from the manufacturer. 


Papad's business is profitable with a small amount of money. You can start with a micro-level, in the business of producing the papad, at home or at work, and with papad manufacturers in Amritsar, Guruvayoor, and Bikaner to get you started. 

Disposable cutlery

The single-use cutlery market, ranging from plastic, areca, bamboo spoons, cups, and plates, is a constant demand in India, especially from Fast-food Restaurants (QSR), retailers, and customers. 


India is a huge market for spices, and for the most important question of them coming in from all corners of the country. We used fresh herbs and homemade and will continue to do so. A lot of spices, including garam masala, Jira masala paratha masala, etc. are produced in-house and are in constant demand. 


Men's, children's, and women's clothes, the buttons have always stressed that the sophistication of the outfit. With a press of the button, the business requires minimal investment and can be started from within the home to create an online store to sell. 

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