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                   According to legend, a British monk-loving monk will be seen lurking in the barrels of Mohan Meakin's rum in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh.

Old Monk

You will probably taste the rum during its ripening, and then sit down with the artisans. In time, the monk became a specialist in rum and provided valuable advice to Mohan Meakin's craftsmen who provided India's first type of rum to a kind monk.

The truth is backwards but the drink, 'Old Monk', is the most popular and popular beverage in India, popular with young and old, rich and poor.

Well-known Delhi-based mixer (cocktails mixer) Yangdup Lama says nostalgia and the "secret recipe" are what made Old Monk so famous. everyone mix it up with the best times in their life, drinking takes you back to the time when you were wild and relaxed.

In 2019, the Hurun Indian Luxury Consumer Survey revealed that for Indian liquor among high-value Indians Old Monk was the most popular brand .

But it’s not just the emotional value of the drink that is its USP. Lama said there was "something" in the drink recipe that made it very attractive.

Reminder of happier times 

Old Monk is an important part of the lives of many college people. Who doesn’t have a crazy story to tell while sitting on an old muddy bar with cheap Old Monk and Chinese fried food?

"I have many happy memories attached to this drink," said Sukriti Koul, a copywriter based in Delhi saud that her first trip with her friend was in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. Under the stars, they were surrounded by beautiful mountains, lit a fire, and she remember sitting there drinking the Old Monk all night, drinking glasses and a glass of drink until the bottle was gone. It brings you great joy. ”

The nostalgic price is so high that even though people can afford high rums, they still love Old Monk.

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