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1. Gym Business -

SportsFit World - Known for his love of life, Dhoni turned his passion into a business and owned a series of more than 200 gyms across the country under his company name, SportsFit World Pvt. Ltd.

2. Football Team -

Chennaiyin FC - Before Dhoni started playing cricket, he used to play as a goalkeeper for his school team. While his dream of playing professional football could not be fulfilled, Dhoni now has a football team in the Indian Super League, at Chennaiyin FC.

3. Hockey Team - 

It's not just football, the former captain of India and the proud owner of a Ranchi-based hockey club - Ranchi Rays.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni


4. Bike Racing Team -

Dhoni is a motorcycle fan and owns a large bicycle group where he lives in Ranchi. This is another wish that has been turned into a business by a former Indian captain. Dhoni in collaboration with film star Akkineni Nagarjuna is the owner of the Mahi Racing Team India.

5. Shoe Production -

Seven - M.S.D also participated in the sportswear industry, Seven. In addition to being a brand ambassador for the company, Dhoni is also part of the shoe business.

6. Business Farming -

After retiring from cricket last year, Dhoni spent most of his time at his ranch farm in Ranchi and became very interested in growing vegetables and fruits. Dhoni reportedly sold the natural product of his farms to a company in Dubai.

7. Brand Endorsements -

In addition, the former captain of India also makes money by advertising and promotional activities for various products.

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