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                   LinkedIn received its second major data release this year which reportedly affected nearly 700 million of its users. Information disclosed during this period includes online and residential addresses, geolocation records and earnings received by users and are now sold on the black web.



“Our teams have investigated a collection of data called LinkedIn that has been sent for sale. We want to make it clear that this is not a data breach and no confidential data for a LinkedIn member has been disclosed. Our initial investigation found that this data was published on LinkedIn and various other websites and included the same information reported earlier this year in the April 2021 renewal year. "

It also stated that "any misuse of our members 'information, such as scratching, violates LinkedIn's Terms of Service. If anyone attempts to take members' information for use for LinkedIn purposes and our members do not agree, we work to prevent them and hold them accountable."

The threatening actor is now trying to sell the information he found on the black web forum. For this, you have sent a data sample. The details of 1 million LinkedIn users contain a sample.

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