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                    Many of the times, we all craved to retrieve an email or text that was sent in error or in a hurry, and while messaging apps made it easier for users to do so with the 'delete everyone' feature, it was difficult to do the same via email. However, Gmail allows users to postpone or receive emails for up to 30 seconds. This gives the senders enough time to remember the email sent by mistake. The Undo Send feature is available to all users by default and Gmail users can adjust the interval between 5 and 30 seconds. It is easy to do that by following the steps given.


following the steps given.

  • Open Gmail.                                                                 
  •  Go to Settings.                                                             
  •  Click General.                                                             
  •  Click Undo Send, a dropdown list will come.

From here, you can select a time of 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds to undo a sent message.

Gmail desktop users will see a retrieve link in the black box floating at the bottom left of the screen on the desktop and scroll right to the mobile. If users click on a link before the expiration date, their message will not go out. Users can reset the email, or completely delete it and undo the dump, and write the email from scratch.

Gmail also released a 15GB cap of Google accounts from June 2021, after which Google users will have to pay for storage. Deleting junk emails will help users clear up storage. Deleting emails can be pulled off by the Gmail app. However, if you have thousands you want to erase everything at once, you will need a computer. To bulk emails in Gmail, follow the steps provided:

  • Click Gmail, enter your email ID and password.                                                                     
  • Go to the Inbox, here you can see promotional email tabs or emails from social media (you may have never opened emails, and they are lying in your inbox consuming your valuable storage).                                                                         
  • Go to promotional or social tabs or more depending on what you want to delete.                 
  • See the Select All option, in the top left box.         
  • You will have the opportunity to delete all (total number of messages) in that category.         
  • Select an option.                                                         
  • Click OK to confirm, it may take some time for the emails to clear.

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