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                  For more than a year now, many home students, in various institutions, have been living in their own homes. They eagerly awaited the return of normalcy, many of whom wanted to return to their colleges, or at least to the hostels; even though classes continue to be held approximately. And now their appeal has been got, at least for those undergraduate students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. Recently, a post from the authorities surprised most of the lower staff; as it informs them that hostels are finally opening their doors.

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So far, only those students who were approved to stay in the IIT campus needed to use the lab and pursue their Ph.D. But this new email allows students, who are pursuing undergraduate studies, to return to campus. “We have received a letter informing us that our residency will be open to the general public, and we are very happy. I look forward to returning to campus, even if it's just hostels now open, ”said Suhani Jain, a final year BTech student in Electrical Engineering.

In view of the fact that most college students, across the country, have been struggling with an offline campus, Kartikeya Gupta, a third-year computer science student admits it is hard to go to classes at home. “Sometimes the electricity goes off, or in the living room. A few days ago, I was attending a test and the electricity went off. So, WiFi also went. I didn't even have my phone, because I was just going to be tested, and thus I was forced out of the room to pick up my phone and quickly connect my laptop with a hotspot. But when I came back online, my professor started asking me where I was going, ”he said.

Teens are stuck in the idea of rehab, but apparently, parents don’t seem to be comfortable with the idea of staying on campus, for now. Gupta describes how her parents initially hesitated, too. “I have been exhibiting them emails, which we get from the tertiary institution about the steps they are taking to ensure everyone's safety in Covid-19. And now they finally agreed to let me return to the hostel in the middle of next month. Well, the institute told me that if there was a third wave or an increase in the number of cases, I would not go back, ”he said.

“Once we are back in college, we are asked to spend two weeks in isolation; where they are not even allowed to leave their rooms, ”said Maria Sandalwala, a final-year student, adding,“ My friends really enjoyed this. Even food will be sent to the room. They are also given student IDs, to help them get out of the hostel and use the library or other places in higher education. ”

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